The New Life / The Good Life

Week 1 of a whole new life is almost drawing to a close.

My husband and I met in 2009. On his first visit to South Wales, to meet the fam, in May of that year we took this pic. Andy not only fell in love with the ice cream but the whole area and vowed he’d bring what he hoped would then be his wife, back here for good one day.

1st pic May 2009

4 years later, we strolled along that same spot, looking out at that same view.

We’re looking at it as two people that now live here.

Cardiff Bay I spent almost 7 glorious years in London. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I met so, so many people. Loved my work, my home and was happy to keep up with the treadmill of city life.

But over the past few years I’ve developed an ever-growing passion for health and wellbeing all underpinned by my (slight) obsession with the wonder that is nutrition.

We’ve packed up in the hope of embracing what we’re calling The New Life / The Good Life. Andy’s set himself up with a job in Cardiff in PR and I’m heading back to study Nutritional Therapy at BCNH, dabbling with some freelancing in between my studies.

We’re off to a flying start. I’ve walked more, read more, spent less time at a desk, cooked more – from locally sourced ingredients and even managed to find a superb cup of coffee at the inappropriately named (given the quality of the beans) Waterloo Gardens Teahouse.

There’s no question that home is most certainly where the heart is. I’m looking forward to sharing tales from The New Life / The Good Life with you all.

14 thoughts on “The New Life / The Good Life

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  2. Sound lush! I am so excited for more me time… walking, eating healthy, relaxing. London is amazing but so fast paced you sometimes need time to slow down and take stock. The best bit is we still get to visit London for fun times whenever the trains run 🙂 Good luck x

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