Every day’s a school day

Einstein. A clever man. Especially when he said this:

Albert Einstein Quotes 5

Nutrition is an absolute minefield. The industry is full of ‘experts’, opinion is always changing and generally no one ever agrees on a given topic. There are however some fundamental facts attached to the basics that no one – not even the Twitter trolls – can argue with.

I’ve been overwhelmed (thanks everyone, too kind, too kind) by the response to this morning’s breakfast post. I think what made it so successful was my willingness to break my first meal of the day down bit by bit and give helpful guidance on what makes it a decent feed.

So, clearly we need some more of that. I mean, what the #@$% is clean eating any way? Whole foods? Compared to what, half foods? Right, let’s work through this one together.

As my mate Einstein (gee, I wish I’d known that guy) says, to explain simply is to understand so if everyone else gets what I’m trying to say, I’m hoping that means as a budding nutritionist keen to consult patients one day this will help me in the long run too.

What do you want to see more of?

How can this blog help you?

Drop a note in the comments section and let’s get cracking on this journey together. Thanks in advance for all the help.



12 thoughts on “Every day’s a school day

  1. Hi Ruth!

    Loving the blog by the way. I’m vegetarian, so high protein can be a struggle – any tips?


    • A-ha, an excellent point Alice. A very interesting one to explore. Can you let me know what you do and don’t eat? Apologies for asking but the modern interpretation of ‘vegetarian’ varies quite considerably from person to person then I can propose some suggestions. Thanks for your kindness and suggestion. Nice one!

      • I eat a little bit of white fish (cod, sole, plaice etc) but otherwise I’m a pretty standard vegetarian, so I eat dairy but no meat at all (and yes, chicken does count :)).

  2. Nutrition info has always seemed very inaccessible to me. I’m not a doofass, but I’m not a nutritionist either. Your blog talks about food in a very easy to understand and enthusiastic way. It even made me hungry earlier!

    I’m already stoked to improve tomorrow’s breakfast from today (4 pieces of bacon apparently isn’t ideal) and start tailoring my daily diet with your recommendations. In answer to your questions I think your blog can make me fitter and healthier, these crossfit coaches are always banging on about food being the base of anyone’s fitness so I’m going to follow this page intently, and see what kind of rewards I can reap! And as for what I want to see more of… the same would be Ideal.

    PS I love mayo too.

    • Lovely Bertie! Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the blog. I promise to keep the easy to digest stuff coming and will try not to make you too hungry in the process.

      Along with abs, PRs definitely start in the kitchen so let’s see what we can do to start taking yours through the roof. You aren’t, as you rightfully point out, a doofass, but quite frankly some of the science behind nutrition is baffling to the best of us – and sometimes loaded with horse muck!

      Is there anything you specifically struggle with? Something you wish you understood better? Otherwise keep an eye out for some more (hopefully educational) posts.

      • The abs are one thing I really want to achieve!

        I’m hitting 4 WODs a week at Celtic, plus mini skipping + gymnastic movement wods on rest days as well as 100 sit ups a day and trying to avoid carbs like the plague. I probably have some carbs in 1 meal a day, but after losing a lot of body fat in the initial stages of Xfit, that is starting to slow. I’m getting a lot stronger and more muscular as time goes on and I continue to train, but those abs are a real mystery to me! Any help on that front would be just grand.

      • 6 or 8 pack? 🙂

        I am not a trainer so I don’t have the science behind why this is the case or unfortunately an alternative to suggest to you (I will ask someone that I know has the answer and come back to you) but seemingly sit ups aren’t the answer to getting ripped. I far from have a ripped midline but I noticed, alongside changing my diet, that I was considerably leaner in that area from pull ups, toes to bar and GHD work. Maybe worth considering?

        Repeat after me “Not all carbs are bad.” There’s an unfortunate obsession with carbs being bad and the need to remove them from the diet altogether. Don’t do it. Simply think carefully about what carbs you’re having and when you’re having them. Timing counts. So, things like brown rice, sweet potato and quinoa are ideal post work out. Those carbs will also be an awesome source of fibre to keep your digestion tip-top and aid the detoxification / fat loss process further.

        Hope that’s a help. As I said, I’m 100% not an expert but I was once a bride who needed to drop her body fat quite significantly before walking down the aisle and fitting into a corset!

  3. So, I loved your Breakfast post! this question should prrrobably be posted underneath that one, but I’ve been trying to find other things to eat in the morning besides bread & eggs. I have (proper) porridge two days or so a week, but I get bored of it…and fruit on its own makes me queasy in the mornings. Stumped!

    I loved the way you broke it down though – sometimes ‘meal plans’ without explaining the what or why are more confusing than they’re meant to be, I think… x

    • Wherever you post a question Tos, it will be answered. We’re not fussy round here 🙂

      So perhaps I should set myself a challenge – next week I will aim to have something different for breakfast every single day and I’ll post some of the results. That way you should get a variety to choose from according to your tastes.

  4. First comment on here, great blog and your help has been massive for me. Anyway, in terms of future posts – condiments! Stopping putting sauce (ketchup, brown, bbq, mayo etc) was probably the only real challenge that has never gone away for me. However, I have vinegar on anything savoury (even on toast pre diet) and have continued to do so. I guess it isn’t that healthy, but without it I know I would have been reaching for the Heinz! Anyway, some posts on how to navigate condiments would be ace.

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