I hate my body, I love my life

If there’s one thing that gets on my (far from perfect) tits it’s this notion that women should feel obliged to celebrate their imperfections.

Is it not ok to want to do something about the bits you hate?

I wear leggings to the gym under my shorts because I hate my cellulite and varicose veins; I nearly always opt for a top that stretches to as far as at least my elbow because I have seriously out of proportion flabby upper arms; I’ve worn a bikini on a beach once in my life – ironically in the summer of 2000 when I was at my most miserable with an eating disorder bubbling away in the background. I now always opt for a full piece swimsuit to cover the stretch marks that adorn my middle.

Hate body love life

But none of this stops me loving my life.

I leave the gym floating on cloud nine. Basking in sweaty legging glory that I’m one push up closer to doing something about the arms I hate. I’ve felt incredible on the beaches of Thailand, Cayman (above) and Croatia in my one piece. I’ve loved the photos of me and a three quarter sleeve the most – and invariably they’re the ones that made Facebook or a frame in the living room.

I guess the big difference here is I don’t let it get the better of me. Whilst I hate my cellulite, I know it doesn’t make me a worse person. I have fantastic friends that don’t even give it a second thought and a husband that calls me and my pasty white legs ‘The Ghost’. Me and my cellulite have graced some of the most beautiful shorelines of the world. We will continue to go on and do many great things together.

I love looking at other beautiful women. But I guess I’m blessed that it doesn’t become a covet or a desperate longing to be like them. Simply a ‘wow, just look at those arms’ more often than not  – especially during Wimbledon!

I totally get that no one wants to be plagued by body imperfections that grind them down but I also think it’s totally fine to be saving for that nip and tuck you’re plotting once you’ve popped out some sprogs.

What are your views on body confidence and loving your worst bits?

15 thoughts on “I hate my body, I love my life

  1. You are beautiful! My worst bit is my stomach. I have celiac, so if I eat the wrong thing accidentally I bloat up. And sometimes even when I eat right, my stomach just gets big. I hate it. But it’s me; it’s always been this way. So I try to stand taller, stretch up, stick out my chest, and tuck in my bum. Then I feel more confident and walk a little prouder! (Sucking in my tummy doesn’t help; all the pressure hurts!)

    • Bless you! I’m definitely a lot happier with my face than my thighs 🙂 Always stick that chest out loud and proud. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Just read your blog and wondered why you always wear leggings, personally I panic if I get too hot but true we all have issues with our bodies and its functions but now age 42 my body has changed so much in all directions I have decided to embrace it all good and bad, my bingo wings under my arms have diminshed (along with my previously ample boobs), I experimented in my 20s and instead of shrugging and hiding I spent the day walking tall – wow I got such a different reaction from people, I guess I’m saying be proud of every part of you, don’t be embarrased, don’t hide, we’re all the same, we all have issues, don’t cover up for us because we embrace you and everything about you, you’ll be surprised no-one one will notice your quirks, spread the word, lets all stand tall, expose our worst bits to realise that actually they’re not that bad at all.

    • So, basically what Simone’s saying here is she’s desperate to take a look at my legs huh? 🙂 Here’s to standing tall and I can guarantee they’ll be no shying away from the shorelines and the cellulite will be OUT during my end of year holiday to Barbados. Thanks for checking in. Great to see you commenting.

  3. AMEN SISTAH! Was actually thinking about this in a more ’round about kind of way today… You must have read my mind, and then spoke it much more eloquently than I.

    • I am watching you, clearly. I’m no where near as eloquent when I’m gossiping. Look forward to catching up on this and more in Mecca, I mean Whole Foods, in a couple of weeks.

  4. Can’t believe how many hang ups I had about my body 8 years ago. Now having had 2 amazing children I long for that BC (Before Cara) body! (Ruth,” Cleaning” up my act since the launch of this site and I have nearly lost half a stone, my skin is clearer, still working on the tiredness).

    • Hats off to you Chris. You were one of my biggest fans from the get go and I’ve appreciated all your support. The 7lbs is very much testament to your hard work and determination. Go you!

  5. life is all about perspective – regardless if you are rich froning completing the 100’s (while you are actually dying trying to get through a round of 20 burpees) or completing a christmas abbott photo shoot (while you are actually taking a holiday snap) as long as you loving life, who really gives a hoot – eatclean, liftheavy!

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