Do you suffer from FOMO?

It’s time to address my Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). I’m really starting to get on my own nerves. I’m wedded to my phone, glued to my social media feeds and constantly refreshing my stats page for my blog.

My phone’s the last thing I put down at night, the first thing I pick up in the morning. Enough’s enough now. This has to stop.

Bedside FOMO

At least I’m aware I suppose, but what’s making this happen?

I love social media. Its warts and all. Effectively social media has made a major move and lifestyle change so much easier for me. It’s kept me in touch with those I love, updated on their news and the pictures have made me still feel part of their lives. And then there’s the friends that have left me for far flung places (Houston, Cayman, Perth, New York, California, the list goes on…) who, irrespective of their geographic whereabouts, all make me feel like they’re sat round in my living room drinking cups of tea from time to time.

But my FOMO is killing me. It’s shortened my attention span with every single social media alert that pops up on my phone. I’m wasting valuable time trawling through Twitter columns when I could be doing so many more worthwhile things.

So here’s what I’m putting in place as of now to try and put an end to this once and for all:

  • No more phone or computer after 9pm
  • No phone in the bedroom – if the alarm needs to be set, it can live outside the bedroom door
  • When I’m writing, I’ll turn off the WiFi
  • When I receive an email I’ll ask myself whether it really does need to be replied to right that very instance
  • Under no circumstances will my phone be the first thing I pick up in the morning and the last thing I pick up at night
  • I will attempt to read 20-30 pages at least of a book a night

Wish me well…

There’s so much to be said for an after hours tech detox. Numerous people report being able to sleep better, feeling far less stressed and anxious and generally being able to focus a lot more. Here’s to some of that!

Are you a FOMO sufferer too?

Thanks to Molly Forbes for inspiring this post.

16 thoughts on “Do you suffer from FOMO?

  1. Love that you managed to post this just before your 9pm cut off time. Of course, you won’t see this reply till the morning now! 😉

    • Even the other side of the world you can give the 9pm curfew a go. Definitely do it Jon, you’ll really notice the difference.

  2. Amen sister – literally could not agree more. Trying this with you for this week. Will report back on progress xx

    • I couldn’t agree more Ben… 1 night seemed like a breeze. Thereafter, perhaps not so much… Thanks for the link. I’m off to check out your top tips too. Thanks for checking in!

  3. I completely agree. I have weekends largely off social media now. The biggest difference for productivity for me is to set my e-mail up to it will not download new mails automatically. I now get my messages first thing, after lunch and last thing. Blissful.

    I’ve also started knitting again.

    • Great to get your views and top tips on managing off line time Helen. I like the email set up suggestion, I might give this a go. Now, where do I place my order for a winter wooly…? 🙂

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  5. Hi folks,

    I wanted to check in to let everyone know how this post 9pm tech detox is going…

    First off, it’s definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be. When you switch to being a freelancer 9pm comes round sooner than you’d believe. If I don’t work out at 6pm and opt for later (7pm say) that doesn’t leave a great deal of time for cooking, showering and anything else that may take place online, pre 9pm.

    When someone emails you something amusing / interesting / important at 8:59 it takes so much discipline to shut the lid on one’s beloved MacBook Air.

    When you’re freelancing with a bunch of night owls that burn the midnight oil and start their working days once the kids are in bed, the 9pm cut off is definitely a struggle.

    But I’ve been determined. No inbox caught on fire from me logging off at 9pm. I must confess to having not kept it up at weekends.

    I’ve enjoyed reading before bed so much. My husband and I have talked about the respective books we’re reading, enjoyed some (relatively, this is us, after all…) intelligent discussion before bed and I’m learning something from Jay Rayner’s latest wicked book. I certainly couldn’t learn any of these takeaways from Facebook news feed refreshes.

    The phone has lived outside the bedroom, I’ve genuinely tried not to make it the first thing I reach for in the mornings and I’m certainly planning to keep this up.

    How’s everyone else got on?

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