5 days, 7lbs down…

A special weekly round up that follows on from my post earlier this week about reigning in the summer rebellion.

This week I…


Some seriously good, whole foods. And I feel awesome as a result. The summer indulgence had been coupled with skin break outs, tired eyes and far too many sugar-induced energy crashes.

The biggest ‘sugar hit’ this week came (post work out) from a seriously delish glass of freshly squeezed juice – 500+ homemade ml for 60p thanks to cleaning up on a bounty of reduced price oranges. It sure did hit the spot after a sweaty 3k! And didn’t do anywhere near as much damage as a handful of Haribo.

Sweaty Run Collage

I’ve kept myself accountable with a food diary. You’ll honestly be amazed how simply writing down what you’ve eaten will keep you on the straight and narrow – especially when you make a pledge to yourself that you’ll share it with your blog readers at the end of the week. It’s a bit obsessive and has close connections with the feeling of being on a ‘diet’ so I wouldn’t recommend this all the time – but it’s a great thing for getting back on track.

So here’s how my food diary shaped up from Monday – Thursday: I didn’t go hungry (aside from the fast day), nothing here is complicated, it’s just all about real, whole fab foods. It was 100% about cutting the cr@p.

Food diary w/c August 5th

Monday August 5th

Breakfast: organic coffee w/coconut milk; teaspoon organic almond butter; small portion free range chicken breast; steamed green beans; sparkling water w/lime

Peppermint tea

Lunch: salmon fillet, roasted pepper and red onion, steamed green beans

Throughout afternoon: black coffee x 2 cups; teaspoon almond butter

Home workout (kettle bell / skipping combo); portion smoked salmon

Dinner: 2 x small organic buffalo burgers; green beans pan fried with garlic and grass fed butter; steamed broccoli; half avocado

Tuesday August 6th

Breakfast organic coffee w/coconut milk; teaspoon organic almond butter; 3 x organic eggs scrambled w/chives and teaspoon grass fed butter; left over green beans as last night; sparkling water w/fresh lemon

Snack: organic coffee w/coconut milk; portion Coyo w/organic ground flaxseed

Lunch out with a friend: butterfly grilled fillet steak w/ side salad; fizzy water

Afternoon snack: organic coffee w/coconut milk; teaspoon almond butter

CrossFit WOD; 1 x whole orange

Dinner: free range chicken breast stuffed w/sundried tomatoes wrapped in smoked streaky bacon; steamed cabbage and sprouts; half an avocado; spoonful of frozen raspberries w/spoonful ground flaxseed; 1 x square Lindt 85%

Wednesday August 7th

Fast day (500 calorie target)

On waking: teaspoon almond butter; organic coffee w/coconut milk (120)

10am: hard boiled organic large egg (90); Pukka mint tea

11am: black coffee

1pm: hard boiled organic large egg (90); spritz balsamic vinegar (5)

2.45pm: 1 x buckwheat crisp bread (20); tea w/ dash semi skimmed milk (10)

4pm organic coffee w/coconut milk (10)

5.45pm free range chicken breast (165) baked w/ mixed spice rub; steamed brocoli (10)

Networking event: decaf black filter coffee; sparkling water

Total: 520

Thursday August 8th

Breakfast: 4 x rashers streaky bacon

Spoonful Greek yogurt w/organic ground flaxseed, squeeze organic honey; organic coffee w/coconut milk

Second breakfast: 1.5 teaspoons almond butter; organic rye bread toast w/ grass fed butter; whole medium avocado; organic sliced tomato

Small lunch: 2 x mackerel fillets; 2 x squares Lindt 85% dark; tea w/SS milk

3k run (fast pace); glass freshly squeezed orange juice

Early dinner 5.30pm roast chicken, skin on (leg and wing meat); courgettes and leeks pan fried in grass fed butter; organic peas; spoon houmous

Meeting: sparkling water w/ fresh lime

9pm small portion left over roast chicken breast; courgettes and leeks pan fried in grass fed butter; spoon houmous


  • The scales count for absolutely nothing – I’m definitely not 7 real pounds lighter. That would be 14 packs of butter!
  • The weight on the scales can make or break your day – yet tells us nothing (in the grand scheme of things)
  • A greater focus on how we look and feel truly is the best gauge for health and well being
  • Sugar is so evil, right? For the scales to display my weight as being 7lb heavier than it usually is, is insane. Just from 4 days of eating real, whole, unrefined foods those 7lbs have disappeared

So keep focused on the bigger health and well being picture. Treat your body with what it deserves.

What’s on the menu this weekend?

6 thoughts on “5 days, 7lbs down…

  1. Having just posted about my own plan to get fit and healthy, this makes excellent reading, so thank you! How pricey are some of these organic / health food options? Do you think I could make it work with family life? I am so determined to do something about my wobbly bits and feel better! x

  2. Are you still fasting?
    Just interested as my husband and I were living the 5:2 life from April last year until xmas, but we fell off the wagon over the holidays and have been seriously struggling to get back into it. The fast days seem much harder than they used to be.
    I wondering if it’s our will power or our bodies saying no to more fasting!

    • Hi Karen, I haven’t actually fasted for a few months now. I’m trying to reset by body into as zen-like a state as possible removing all stressors – of which fasting is obviously one. You could try switching things up a bit – what about daily fasts – so you only eat between 12 noon and 8pm each day? Or simply easing yourself back in gently with a very, very light supper. Ultimately, front loading the day’s calories at breakfast and lunch with a lot less at dinner time has revealed better insulin sensitivity / blood sugar balance and fat loss in a number of research groups.

    • So great to hear your thoughts and I’m glad I was able to offer a bit of help. It’s so true about staying on track and not letting the scales rule otherwise positive thoughts. Be sure to keep me posted.

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