Mealtime memories – Happy Birthday Fi

Dearest Mothership,

Happy Birthday.

We always did pretty well out of you being another year older, didn’t we?


I’m having a slightly painful flashback to this time last year and my over exuberant gesticulating (standard) that resulted in three out of five glasses of freshly poured champagne hitting the decks / my lap.

If I remember rightly you weren’t too bothered though and simply saw it as good enough reason to try the Pinot Grigio instead.

Then there was the year before that, in Cheltenham, where I as good as rolled to the ladies in between courses, such was my weakness for the bread baked to two star Michelin standard. I could see that “serves her right with her faddy low carb ways the rest of the time” written all over your face. Managed to save room for an Amaretto in front of the wood fire together though, didn’t I? *proud face*

Not all your glasses, if I remember rightly… *hic*


Rest assured this year will be no exception on the celebration front – although I’ll try and hold on to my fizz. Sis was in charge of the resto choice. The extremely Paleo friendly Smokehouse has made the cut. But you know she’ll have chips, as will Peg. I think he genuinely misses you pinching salty fries from his plate. All those years of tutting a little when you didn’t order your own, but never saying a word. I know he’d give anything, mind you, (including his ketchup) to have you back.

That was Peg’s raspberry tart, wasn’t it…?


There’ll be no candles. Or singing. I know you never liked a big fuss. But there’ll be tonnes of the usual chat, round a table, where all our best conversations happened. Where the best memories were made.

Have an equally as good time up there today, won’t you?


17 thoughts on “Mealtime memories – Happy Birthday Fi

  1. This is beautiful, so well written made me cry and smile all at once. Hope you all have a very special meal and I just know Fi will be raising a glass to how proud she is of you! Thinking of you loads and love you millions xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. beautifully written Ruth, here’s to your Mum and to hoping you’ve been able to smile and remember all the good bits all day. Hugs from Yorkshire.

    • Bless you and thank you Jen. Had such a lovely weekend – and some deep belly laughter (the best kind) thrown in for good measure too. Hugs back from South to North 🙂

  3. Hi Ruth,

    this is a beautiful post. Your blog as a whole is truly inspiring. The way you have chosen to live your live in such a positive light after such a great loss is moving. I am recovering from a loss and am looking for some advice, if you don’t mind. I have my days where it seems impossible to go on.. when you have these days, what is it that keeps you going? How have you stayed so strong?

    • Hi Sarah, so lovely of you to check in. I think the big thing to always focus on is the person we’ve lost would never want us to do anything other than continue to thoroughly enjoy life. I live each day for them, almost in their honour. And you don’t honour someone with a frown, it’s definitely done with a smile 🙂 Take care, stay positive. Love the life you live.

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