“I’m hungry”

How many times a week do we find ourselves saying “I’m hungry”? How many times a day even? But here’s the thing, do we know what it’s really like to be hungry?

I’m almost certain I don’t. This particularly hit home today when I visited Cardiff food bank.

At Cardiff food bank (on my way to a work out, incidentally! Forgive the lycra…)


Early doors, I went wild in the aisles of Lidl on behalf of the lovely people at Cake. I’ve freelanced with this glorious team for the past 6 months.

In lieu of Christmas cards, super duper MD Sara Robinson decided to make a food bank donation instead. I stepped up to the plate to help with the shopping.

I’ve talked about clean eating on a budget before. But food bank budgeting is an entirely different kettle of (canned) fish, as the lovely Ian Purcell from Trussell Trust explained to me.

There may be no fresh fruits and vegetables on offer but ultimately the food bank is able provide something. Something that will last, something that can be prepared with relative ease, something that will nourish, something that will most importantly fill a hole in times of difficulty.

The Cardiff food bank provides their shopping list for donations here.

I stuck to it as closely as possible, whilst trying to opt for some economical, yet healthy choices. The Cake contribution was made up of as much of a protein punch as we could pack:

Food bank contributions care of Lidl’s excellent offers


o Tuna
o Chopped tomatoes
o Chickpeas
o Butterbeans
o Red lentils
o Mixed nuts
o Red kidney beans
o Dark chocolate

Food banks, food poverty and jeering politicians are constantly hitting the headlines at the moment. But for me, it’s about taking a step back from all that. It’s about being grateful for something as wonderfully simple as the home cooked meal my husband and I sit down to every evening. It’s about continuing to be content with our little (rather substantial?) lot. It’s definitely about being less greedy.

Don’t for one minute think I’ll begrudge you your turkey next week. I absolutely plan to enjoy mine. But take a moment to appreciate it and all you have. If you’re reaching for the Gaviscon, consider that karma’s way of telling you to cool it on the second helpings…

Where do your views stand on food banks?

5 thoughts on ““I’m hungry”

    • Thanks Ceri. Nothing if not determined eh… Tinned sponge was never going to make my trolley, it’s true. Have volunteered to do some recipes and cooking demos in the new year so there will be no excuse for not putting those chick peas and chopped tomatoes to good use!

  1. Thank you for mentioning this. Too easy at this time of year to get caught up in how many kinds of cheese we’re going to treat ourselves too and what kind of port to go with it (or is that just me…?!)

    I have a lot of opinions on foodbanks – suffice to say, clearly they are a lifeline, but sadly not a long-term solution. I contribute to my local one sporadically and, like you, stick to things like tinned fish, pulses and pre-made stews (for folks too ill to cook from scratch).

    • Hey Primal Park Girl, food bank opinions are most certainly divided but as you say, it’s about being grateful for our lot and appreciating there are others not blessed with fighting in the Waitrose cheese aisle…

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