The Food Haven vegan pop up – review

Monday will never be the new Friday, will it? But I can definitely confirm it’s worth sacrificing your sofa at the end of the first day of the working week to head to The Food Haven.

The Food Haven is the vegan pop up from Romy of Real Frank Food. The event I attended was held at The Canteen in Adamsdown but these pop ups happen across the city, with a run starting soon at the equally wonderful Waterloo Tea.

Romy of Real Frank Food taking us through each course

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 20.52.42

The welcome from Romy at The Canteen was as warming as the chai tea which preceded several glasses of bring your own. There were nearly 20 other guests on the evening I went along and it was great to meet a cluster of new and interesting people in a corner of Cardiff I’d not previously had dinner in.

For £25 per person we were treated to five courses beautifully put together by Romy according to her passion for vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic and healing foods. All ingredients are sourced as freshly as possible and each course comes with a wonderful explanatory prelude that covers off the nutritious benefits of each dish.

Cavolo nero for the first course sourced fresh from the market just the day before

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 20.45.15


– Menu –

Cavolo Nero & Leek Soup


Polenta & Carrot Hummus


Beetroot & Seaweed Salad


Creamed Cauliflower in a Parsnip Basket

Quinoa & Bean Mix

Broccoli & Courgette Pasta


Orange Cream & Coffee Dessert


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 20.53.13

What struck me most was the incredible flavour of each dish. I enjoy cooking and eat what I would consider to be nutritious meals on a daily basis. I do eat meat but equally enjoy nothing more than a plate piled with plant proteins and leafy greens. But Romy’s dishes were a taste sensation. Espeically the [almond] “cheese” and a creamy Tiramisu-esque dessert made from tofu.

Romy does everything with a smile on her face and it honestly felt like we were being welcomed into her home and not a city restaurant.

Romy’s story of self-healing through food is an inspiring one, as is her commitment to run events like this alongside her ‘other’ job as an architect. It felt such an honour to be part of her table and to share such incredible food with others.

Would you fancy a night at The Food Haven?

**DISCLAIMER: This review will feature in the Millennium Guide to Cardiff. In exchange the Copthorne Hotel very kindly paid for myself and a friend to attend this fantastic evening.**

Photos taken with permission from Real Frank Food

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