About Let Her Eat Clean

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I get called lots of things (and answer to most of them) but more often than not I go by Ruth.

I’m whole food’s biggest proponent. In 2011 I went on a Paleo ‘pilgrimage’ that has paved the way for so much more. Real food makes me feel awesome. Buying it, preparing it, cooking it and above all sharing it. I’m happiest when sat round a dinner table for hours with those closest to me.

I started this blog in January 2013 for so many reasons – above all because I’d been writing posts in my head for months and wanted to share these musings. If reading any of my posts helps someone else feel awesome, I’ll be more than happy with that.

Thanks for coming along for what will hopefully be a decent read and a memorable ride.

How Let Her Eat Clean came about 

During my training for the Paris Marathon in 2011 I noticed good friend and fellow blogger Ceri Jones post a Facebook status about ‘The Paleo Diet for Athletes” to support her training for the London Marathon. I too purchased a copy and got stuck into a whole new way of life as a result. Cleaning up my diet took time initially. I couldn’t let go of the Quaker Oats for breakfast or the ketchup on eggs for months. But it was small, constant changes that genuinely started to make huge differences. My marathon training got easier as I started to get that bit leaner. But above all it was a chance to break free. Break free from years of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, calorie restriction and goodness knows what other hideousness was borne out of an unhealthy obsession with the scales.

I now embrace a lifestyle that leaves me waking every morning with a spring in my step, raring to attack the day ahead.

I’m less Paleo and more ‘real, good, whole, clean foods that work for me’ these days but I’m still all about a vote with my fork that will hopefully one day mean better food for everyone.

I lost my Mum to cancer in January 2013. I’ve tried my best to live every day to the full, in her honour, since.

15 thoughts on “About Let Her Eat Clean

  1. How do I sign up to follow your bog, or receive emails? Can’t see a link on here from my moblie & I’d love to keep following x

  2. Loving this Ruth. As I’ve said to you — your attitude, enthusiasm and general zest for life is so infectious and inspiring. it’s going to be a huge success.

  3. Thanks Andy. Those that aim to infect and inspire are totally dependent on the determination of others to change things and put their well being first. You, good Sir, make it to the top of the class in that regard. Likely the healthiest you have ever been as you push towards a special birthday. What’s not to love about that?! You have every right to pat yourself on the back a good few times a day.

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    • Ah, Saffron Girl, a follower of Ceri’s blog is ALWAYS welcome round here. As my studies at BCNH progress I’m actually spending increasing amounts of time in London so here’s to attempting to have a coffee or green tea together at some point in the future. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and thanks for following, it always means a lot.

  5. I love your blogs, I have read them for a long time, I too started a paleo based lifestyle at the beginning of 2013 and I too feel, live, move, sleep, love etc so differently now and so much better in every way. I began putting my mental blogs down for others to read recently on a Facebook page, I am hoping to have the courage (& time) to organise a blog soon too but for now I’m being inspired by yours and others like you. People who are easy to connect with, real and full of passion. I found Natural Kitchen Adventures recently too and she too is pretty awesome. How lucky we all are to have such excitement around food and healthy living. I just wanted to ask you something, you mention that you are more “clean” than “paleo” and I too say this all the time but this morning as I read some of your older posts, whilst drinking my coffee before the kids wake up, I wondered what makes me more clean than paleo, what the difference is. For me I feel my diet is less restricted and less structured, more relaxed than the paleo framework but I’m not sure now. Crazy question I know but what makes the two different for you?

    My Facebook page is “Hanging out with Healthy”. I’m only new and only rambling on right now about my healthy journey but whenever you get a mo, swing by and say hi, I’ll share your page with my community of followers. I’ve been open 3 weeks now and nearly at 1000! I’ve never been liked so much, very overwhelming.

    • Hey Janine, so kind of you to leave such a lovely comment and start a great conversation. More than anything I hate labels and as much as I don’t really like “Paleo” and I’m not a big fan of “Clean Eating” either. But unfortunately it’s currently the closest I can come to describing exactly how I eat really – I just aim for whole, single ingredient foods that will fuel me to live the longest, happiest, healthiest life possible. I don’t go in for fads and I eat foods that agree with me best. For example, I appreciate the issues around gluten, grains and dairy for some but I’m lucky that I’m not faced with those. As such, I enjoy occasional portions of artisan breads and organic dairy. I’m not afraid to treat myself but I’m selective about where these indulgences come from. For example, if it’s cake it’s always homemade (although not always by me) and I do really enjoy a glass of wine – but I’ve grown out of wild nights on the town and it’s only several glasses most often spread over a weekend. I guess the reason why I feel so much less Paleo these days is because I eat a far more plant-based diet. Less meat, more legumes. I enjoy oats, dairy, rye bread and slab after slab of 90% dark chocolate :-). Good luck with your new Facebook page – I can’t recommend taking the plunge into blogging enough, especially when there are so many free platforms to get started.

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  7. Hi there, I just started following your blog and I see you are in a Nutrition Therapist program! I was considering taking an online Nutritional Therapy program through the Health Sciences Academy. There is a groupon for them! However, I am a little trepidatious due to all the scams and “accreditations” that do not exist. Do you have any suggestions or opinions on this topic?? They are accredited by CPD.Thanks so much for your time, it is a joy to read your blog
    PS. I can send you some Reese’s sometime 🙂

    • Hi Courtney, how lovely to hear from you and thanks for reading. I spent a lot of time researching courses – especially those that were properly accredited because I’m keen to go into practice / consult with patients. Where is it you’re based as things may differ by geography. Here I referred to courses accredited by BANT.

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