The Food Haven vegan pop up – review

Monday will never be the new Friday, will it? But I can definitely confirm it’s worth sacrificing your sofa at the end of the first day of the working week to head to The Food Haven.

The Food Haven is the vegan pop up from Romy of Real Frank Food. The event I attended was held at The Canteen in Adamsdown but these pop ups happen across the city, with a run starting soon at the equally wonderful Waterloo Tea.

Romy of Real Frank Food taking us through each course

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 20.52.42

The welcome from Romy at The Canteen was as warming as the chai tea which preceded several glasses of bring your own. There were nearly 20 other guests on the evening I went along and it was great to meet a cluster of new and interesting people in a corner of Cardiff I’d not previously had dinner in. Continue reading

Tea; not always with cake

Regular readers of this blog will know I live a life of coffee before tea. But tea most certainly has its place (uh, hello gloriously polyphenol loaded green infusion).

Earl Grey alongside a scone I can totally get behind but five courses with tea pairings?

The lovely people at Washington Tea invited us along to enjoy their latest Supper Club. Five Italian-themed courses served with perfectly paired teas.

White peach blossom tea – not Sauvignon, I hasten to add…

Photo 29-08-2014 22 29 46

First, a bit about Washington / Waterloo Tea. Continue reading

Clean eating in the Cayman Islands

One of my longest standing school friends is perhaps the longest suffering when it comes to every fad diet she was forced to endure throughout our formative years as I dabbled with calorie counting, point tallying, not eating very much, gorging myself stupid and quite frankly living a life of relative meal time misery.

Whilst Anna never pretends to understand this clean eating lark (this is the friend that’s been the size 6 pain au chocolat for breakfast eating hottie for as long as I can remember…), she is certainly far happier sharing a dinner table with me these days than she was circa 2001.

Anna at Bread & Chocolate


And there’s perhaps no better place to share that dinner table than in the Cayman Islands where she has now lived for the past two years. I headed over for a visit / warm-weather revision and for a chance to top up those all important vitamin D levels and slowly worked my way round the island’s eateries. The two week stay split down the middle with Week 1 being Treat Week and Week 2 being more about Cleaner Eats. After some hardcore effort in the Dragon CrossFit Clean Living Challenge I was determined not to undo all the good work but equally wanted to relax a bit. Continue reading