Let Her Eat Clean’s year in review

The clock struck 9pm. “Happy New Year” we bellowed. There was no way Fi was making it to midnight. There was no way she was missing the last toast of her life. We adapted to accommodate her wishes. We shared a thimbleful of champagne.

2013 – it was the worst of times; it was the best of times

Year in review Collage

January notoriously sucks, doesn’t it? Losing a parent in January double sucks, believe me. But here’s the thing, you can wallow in that kind of suckiness or you can go on to do great things, you can live the life that person would have wanted you to. You can make every effort, every day to do something that person would have been so proud of.

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I’m taking another ‘This week I…’ liberty and breaking once again from its traditional format so I can shout about my first visit to Force Strength & Conditioning.

It’s worthy of a post all of its own.

Firstly a short history…

Last summer in London I discovered the most incredible Saturday morning work out in the form of ‘Vikings and Valkyries‘. There was one session where I my heart rate got so high it made me giddy. I was panting. I was drenched in sweat. I loved every single second of those 45 minutes. Week after week. The coaches petrified me (I used to dream about Eddie – and not the good kind of dreams either…) Nothing came close to this group exercise work out. It was epic.

Since I left London I’ve wanted to feel this euphoric ‘dead of my feet, can’t stop sweating for the remainder of the day’ sense of hard work once more. Thanks to a Twitter tip off I came across Force S&C.

Eddie wasn’t there (phew) but I was greeted by these lovely bunch of people – Coach Marc, Coach Rhiannon and Mrs Force S&C, (co-owner Andrew’s wife), Charlotte.

Team Force

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