Holidays are good for your health

Holidays are good for your health. And I’m half way through 10 days of proving just that right now.

Obviously dear readers, I have your best interests at heart being in Barbados at this time of year *cough*. Strictly research purposes, a need to prove exactly why holidays are so good for us.


Holidays in good health – juice straight from a Caribbean coconut

For all the other wonderful things life throws at us, the part of life that includes the washing, the ironing, the taking the bins out and battling with the daily commute, can often give rise to the occasional head / ball ache.

Sometimes it all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? But getting away from it all can make such a miraculous difference. A stay-cation, a trip of a lifetime, a long weekend away, a week under the duvet; whatever shape or form a holiday takes there’s no denying it’s good for our health.

Why are holidays good for our health?

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This week I…(cured the common cold)

Quite often it all turns out alright in the end, doesn’t it?

This was the week that started with the cat being put down; the killer common cold setting in; a dark, dreary day spent under the duvet and then ended with a pre-booked belated 30th birthday celebration with one of those friends that can always be relied upon to help turn things around. Fate, you’re so cruel yet so wonderful, aren’t you…?

Cure the common cold with breathtaking views and champagne…

Common cold collage

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